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Tips to expand your addressable market without additional resources

Scraping 100s of unique articles and manually checking them for relevance and plagiarism

Tips on how to monetize your articles and getting approved to different ad networks

How to publish our articles to your own site

01. Grab a package at the bottom of this page

Tell us your niche and we’ll do the rest

06. Enjoy your life

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05. Review them and publish them to your site

And send an indexing request using Google search console or send some social signals..

02. Go for a 3 week holiday to Mongolia

While you wait for our articles to be delivered

03. Receive the content

We will email you the 100 articles you ordered after 3 weeks, so they are ready by the time you come back from Mongolia.

04. Copy the articles into the HTML editor of your site

The articles already include all the original formatting to get a load off your hands.


When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

What are you selling exactly?

Unique expired articles from the way back machine which are safe to use on your money site.

What format do the articles come in?

Plain text and HTML with all the format already done for you so all you need to do is copy the HTML into the text editor on your site, add a few pictures and links and publish it.

What’s the price?

$0,50 per article.

Why is it so cheap?

Because we sell in bulk only. $50 for 100 articles is the minimum.

What format do the articles come in?

Plain text and HTML with all the format already done for you so all you need to do is copy the HTML into the text editor on your site, add a few pictures and links and publish it.

Do you offer any refunds?

Not for orders we have already delivered, because we spend a long time checking the articles manually. If we fail to deliver the order we will obviously refund you, just like any other seller. And if we fail to find articles based on your keywords, we will email you for you to provide us with new keywords, and if you can’t provide them, we’ll refund you.

What’s the TAT?

20 days from when we receive your order.

Are these articles safe to use on my money site?

Yes. They passed Grammarly plagiarism check (and we include the score of every article we send you) so the articles haven’t been indexed by Google, and that means your articles won’t count as duplicate content on Google’s eyes and your site won’t get penalized.

Do I need to worry about Copyright?

There is probably nobody who can tell you with certainty, since there is not much legal precedence. For the expired content, it’s unlikely anybody will every find out or care. We make sure the content is not published elsewhere on the internet. In reality: most content on the Internet is duplicated elsewhere, so it’s unlikely that these types of borderline cases will cause you any problems. We recommend removing or replacing the original contact details (phone number, street address) of the authors, in case they are included somewhere in the articles (occasionally at the end).We never heard from a customer who actually got into legal troubles because of using our services. The person who uploads an item often provides information related to use rights, either by way of directly entering it in the description field or by selection of a Creative Commons license. The latter, if included by the uploader, will be viewable via a  Creative Commons  logo on the details page, which serves as a link to a description of the specific type of license that the uploader has assigned. This is why we include the URL that originated the content so you can evaluate the copyright situation for yourself; this tool only scrapes the text. However, if the domain has expired and the content is not declared as duplicate or plagiarized on Grammarly (which every article we scrape is checked for and the passed Grammarly plagiarism score is also included in every one of our articles), the risk of copyright infringement is exceedingly low.

Will the articles be relevant?

As we examine articles for the presence of your keyword(s), most articles should be relevant.

Let’s say you are looking for articles about siamese cats. I will first scrape domains that have the word cat on them and then once I have that list, I will scrape each domain for only the articles that have the word siamese on them to increase relevance, because I’m not interested in other cat breeds, just siamese. You must provide two sets of keywords like those, one for the domain and other one for the articles, for our search to work.

Tell me more about the articles.

OK, our articles have a minimum of 800 words, are more relevant (as explained in the previous questions) each one includes the word count, the Grammarly plagiarism score, the source where it was scraped from, and an extra HTML version in addition to the .txt so you don’t need to waste time formatting the article you bought. Any headings, spacing, lists, bold, etc. in the original HTML of the scraped article will be delivered to you intact, ready to publish.

Can I see a sample of an article?

Yes, here are 60 articles as samples in the “dog training” niche:

What should I do after ordering the articles and receiving them?

You should use them, publish them on your website or anywhere, otherwise, if you sit on them for months someone else could extract them, as they would still be unique. As soon as you publish them, they wont pass our plagiarism check anymore so they wont be extracted by our software.

If the person who bought the articles about “dog treats” decided to just sit on them instead of publishing them, then our scraper will pick them up again and there’s now way that we could ever remember millions of articles, but if they published them, then our scraper can’t pick them up anymore because they wouldn’t pass the automated plagiarism check.

And even if we were able to remember the millions of articles we already scrapped, they could still be picked up by the scraper of some of the clients we rent the scraper to, (and we never check what keywords they extract) or by some of our competitors.

I think there are 2 competitors selling similar products to ours and we have no control over what their scraper extracts but I guess they work the same way as ours, if the article is unique they sell it otherwise they don’t, and they also have no control over what their customers do with the articles. So maybe someone bought articles about “dog food” from them and then ended up not using them for whatever reason, then our scraper will pick it up.

Can I see some testimonials?
Important: We can only work with niches, not topics.

A topic is: “How to fix the engine of your Honda civic?”A niche is: “cars” And we can only do general niches and very popular, such as: travel, health, finance, cars, books.

But we can’t do very specific niches such as: travel in china, finance for teenagers, blue cars, science fiction books.

We understand most of our customers want “how to” articles, such as how to do this or how to do that, but at the price point of $0,50 per article we just can’t find very specific topics because there aren’t as many unique expired articles about specific topics. WE CAN ONLY WORK WITH BROAD NICHES, SUCH AS: GAMING, FOOD, TRAVEL, FASHION, PETS.THIS IS JUST $0.50 PER ARTICLE! AGAIN $0.50 PER ARTICLE! So please keep in that mind when ordering, we are not writing the articles. we are just scrapping them out!

We can scrape general articles about tomatoes, but not about “how to peel a tomato”, “how to grow tomatoes”, or “different kinds of tomatoes”.

We can scrape general articles about marketing but not about “online marketing”, “facebook marketing” or “content marketing for small businesses”.

We can scrape general articles about jobs, but not about “job interview tips”, “job hunting”, or “jobs in Colorado”. And please provide us with as many keywords as possible so that we have more chances of finding treasures for you. We need simple keywords such as “pizza, Germany, running, money, finance or piano” not long-tail keywords such as “how to make money online, how to lose weight, best food for dogs”.

What else can you do with the articles?

These are just a few ideas of things you can do with our articles


Our articles are perfect to use on your money sites


use them to put together books and publish them on KDP, Kobo, Apple books, Smashwords, Publishdrive or any such similar services


Use them on any social media platform such as for Instagram captions, Youtube video descriptions or Facebook posts


You are welcome to use them on revenue sharing platforms such as Medium for some sweet 100% passive income


Turn them into stories and publish them on Wattpad for teenagers to read


You are welcome to mark them up and resell them

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