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Are you tired of being a homeless alcoholic? 

Are you sick of having to share your needles and sleeping arrangements with other homeless bums? 

Is it getting difficult standing on the highway during long cold winter nights in your tight red mini-skirt and denim jacket waiting for a truck driver to pick you up so that you can make some pocket change by providing a service you’re not entirely comfortable with because it involves hardcore penetration? If this is you, keep reading.


A few months later… you hear someone calling you while you were about to cross the street.


“Hey you! Yes, you! Get in the truck for some penetration!” someone shouts at you from their truck.


NO!” You tell them. “NO NO NO NO NO. Not this time. I’m not doing the penetrations anymore.”


“Oh, come on baby, you know you want it. You know you want the penetration.” The truck-driver said.


“No, I don’t want it. And I don’t need it either. I have spent all my savings from the penetrations on a few pre-made websites from Content Fish and I’m now making over $3000 a month in passive income so I don’t need to get penetrated anymore.” You tell him in a proud and confident high-pitched voice.


“Damn! What is that Content Fish stuff you’re talking about and where can I get some?” He asks you incredulously.


“Content.fish is a service that sells premade sites on BHW. While all the other sellers are selling cluttered sites with a million plug-ins and with 2 or 3 spun and very low-quality articles. Content.fish is selling clean, tidy, pre-made blogs in the niche of your choice with 100 unique high-quality articles for you to add your affiliate links or ads to them and make some passive income so you don’t need to get penetrated by strangers at the truck stops anymore (unless you want to get penetrated by strangers at the truck stops, in that case, you can keep getting penetrated by strangers at the truck stops).” You confidently reply.


“And how much are they? And where can I buy them?”


“They cost $500, almost the same as the penetration. And you scroll to the bottom of the page to order. They only need your niche and an admin login to your WordPress site to get started.”


“I can’t believe it. And where do their articles come from? I can’t believe they’re writing 100 articles themselves + building the site from scratch for only $500.” He said in disbelief.


“They have an exclusive article scraper which extracts unique** expired articles from the way back machine which are safe to use on your money site and a custom plugin to upload the plugin to the site and then they check them manually for relevancy and do some formatting in them so they look nice.”

** Unique: They check all articles against Grammarly.com for plagiarism, and as long as the score is below 10%, they consider this safe for use.


“Sweet. And what’s their TAT?”


“They take 6 weeks, as there’s quite a lot of manual work involved in building the site, finding 100 articles with your keywords, checking them for relevance, uploading them to your site, doing the formatting, and making sure it looks nice.”


“And do they offer any refunds?”


“Only if they fail to deliver your site in time”


“And how about support?”


“You can contact them on BHW or through their site content.fish.”


“I will buy 12 sites from them. Now, how about some penetration?”

“Ok.” You reply, and climb onto his truck but only because you want to, not because you have to.




Telegram: https://t.me/danielbhw

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