You press the button, —- we do the rest.


Here at Content Fish, we have put together a custom article scraper that will help you get unlimited unique expired content for your blogs or websites from the way back machine, also called archive.org

The only article scraper anyone can use without instructions.


How does the custom solution work?

We will give you a login and a password and our software will scrape abandoned articles on expired domains for the keywords you input.


Can I see a sample video of how to use the software?

Yes, here:


What format do the articles come in?

Plain text and HTML with all the format already done for you so all you need to do is copy the HTML into the text editor on your site, add a few pictures and links and publish it.


What’s the price?

Two packages are available; standard or premium.

Standard: $99/month – it runs a little slower but will get the job done! The scraper crawls 5,000 URLs per hour.

Premium: $199/month – supercharge crawling speed and crawl at 30,000 URLs per hour

We will set up a recurring payment on PayPal. If you prefer paying by credit or debit card the payment will be processed via Stripe. We also accept bitcoin/cryptocurrency but you will be charged for 3 months in advance.

ROI examples:

Premium: If you only use the article scraper for 2 or 3 days, you could extract 1000 articles and you will be paying $0,20 per article, if you extract 10.000 articles in a week, you’ll pay $0,02 per article.

Standard: If you only use the article scraper for 4 or 5 days, you could extract 500 articles and you will be paying $0,20 per article, if you extract 5.000 articles in a month, you’ll pay $0,02 per article.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by contacting me on seoulunlimited at gmail dot com or, – if you used a PayPal account – by going to your own PayPal account. In PayPal go to “My preapproved payments”. This page is hidden in your PayPal account under the Menu: More–> Sitemap –> Manage subscription Payments


How many articles can I get?

As many as you want, normally you will be able to scrape a few hundred articles per day and if you need more speed or proxies we will add it for a small fee.


Do I need to install anything on my computer?

No, we host the software on our servers so that you don’t need to use your own computer’s resources or your internet bandwidth; and you access it via any web browser, the same way you’re accessing BHW right now.


Do you offer any refunds?

Only if we fail to deliver the software to you.


What’s the TAT?

I will have everything set up for you in 72 hours after receiving the payment, but usually much faster. 


Can I resell the articles?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.


Can I use them to put together books and publish them on KDP, Kobo, Apple books, Smashwords, Publishdrive or any such similar services?

Of course, they are your articles, you can do whatever you want with them. And yes, they are safe and you won’t get your accounts banned. 


Can I use them on revenue share platforms such as medium?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.


Can I turn them into stories and publish them on Wattpad?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.


Can I use them on any social media platform such as for Instagram captions, Youtube video descriptions or Facebook posts?


Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them. As you can see from this FAQ the possibilities for you to make money are endless as long as you use your imagination.


Are these articles safe to use on my money site?

Yes. They passed Grammarly plagiarism check (and we include the score of every article we send you) so the articles haven’t been indexed by Google, and that means your articles won’t count as duplicate content on Google’s eyes and your site won’t get penalized.


Do I need to worry about Copyright?


There is probably nobody who can tell you with certainty, since there is not much legal precedence.

For the expired content, it’s unlikely anybody will every find out or care. We make sure the content is not published elsewhere on the internet.

In reality: most content on the Internet is duplicated elsewhere, so it’s unlikely that these types of borderline cases will cause you any problems.

We recommend removing or replacing the original contact details (phone number, street address) of the authors, in case they are included somewhere in the articles (occasionally at the end).

We never heard from a customer who actually got into legal troubles because of using our services.

The person who uploads an item often provides information related to use rights, either by way of directly entering it in the description field or by selection of a Creative Commons license.

The latter, if included by the uploader, will be viewable via a  Creative Commons  logo on the details page, which serves as a link to a description of the specific type of license that the uploader has assigned. This is why we include the URL that originated the content so you can evaluate the copyright situation for yourself; this tool only scrapes the text. However, if the domain has expired and the content is not declared as duplicate or plagiarized on Grammarly (which every article we scrape is checked for and the passed Grammarly plagiarism score is also included in every one of our articles), the risk of copyright infringement is exceedingly low. 

Click here for more info.

Tell me more about the articles I will be able to extract?

The articles have a minimum of 800 words, include the word count, the Grammarly plagiarism score, the source where it was scraped from, and an extra HTML version in addition to the .txt so you don’t need to waste time formatting the article you bought. The HTML version leaves intact all the headings, spacing, lists, bolding, etc. so your article is ready to publish.


Can I see a sample of an article?

Yes, here are 60 articles as samples in the “dog training” niche: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7r2holjy6svgsg/


How can I upload the articles to my site?

You can use this plug-in to upload hundreds of articles per day to your site: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/get-mainwp-article-uploader-extension.1216165/


Tips to use the software?

It’s a good idea keeping the domain keywords as limited as possible. Please also avoid using commas in the domain search as expireddomains doesn’t really respond to that (just do two separate queries, one for “boat” and one for “yacht”, instead of searching “boat, yacht” in domain field).

Their default search option is AND, meaning if you put two words in domain query, it expects to find domains including both words.

If you are not finding a lot of URLs overall, I would try thinking about related words for the domain. Also, if you have more laser targetted needs and are only searching a few domain keywords, you may want to take the extra time to create the expireddomains account. Because you can search all the way to page 100 or 200 whatever, and get so many more URLs, than if you are only searching to page 12 without an account. It will be worth the hassle of creating and confirming an account if you’re only performing a few searches on it.

Squeeze as much life out of the ED account as you can before it expires (eg. try submitting a few keywords).

In terms of relevant articles, just try to fine-tune your in-text keyword searches to be more appropriate (but also allow room for broadness here – split words up by commas if you can unless you truly need them in the exact order you described and will not accept any variation on the terms in-text).

There is a small learning curve to the software. Figuring out how to tame it to get the kind of articles you want is a process. It is really hard to figure out how to describe this other than trial/error. Please keep testing.

Some patience is required no matter what. You set it to do some work and leave it alone, check on it some hours later and see what happens. I hope this helps.


What should I do after ordering the articles and receiving them?

You should use them, publish them on your website or anywhere, otherwise, if you sit on them for months someone else could extract them, as they would still be unique. As soon as you publish them, they wont pass our plagiarism checked anymore so they wont be extracted by our software.


IMPORTANT: The software will be able to scrape thousands of articles per week, so make sure you have a use for that many articles before ordering. If you only have one website and are looking for very specific content in just one niche and for very few keywords, your best option would be to order a package of pre-scraped articles from our $0,50 articles page.


How to order?

Choose your package, click the SUBSCRIBE button below, we will set it up for you and send you an email in 72 hours or less with your credentials to access the software.





Of course, you have 3 options:

  1. Email us directly at


  2. Use the ‘Help’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of our website, https://content.fish

  3. Use the ‘Help’ button in the bottom right hand corner of your private scraper URL (looks like