What are you selling exactly?

Unique expired articles from the way back machine which are safe to use on your money site.

What format do the articles come in?

Plain text and HTML with all the format already done for you so all you need to do is copy the HTML into the text editor on your site, add a few pictures and links and publish it.

What’s the price?

$0,50 per article. 

Why is it so cheap?

Because we love you, that’s why.

No, really, why are they so cheap?

Because we sell in bulk only, and will not verify the content or accuracy of the scraped articles. $50 for 100 articles is the minimum. We will overdeliver a minimum of 20% on your order to allow room for irrelevant content. For example, if you order 100 articles, you will receive at least 120.

How many articles can I buy?

As many as you want but the minimum order is 100 articles for $50.

Do you offer any refunds?


What’s the TAT?

Around 72 hours from when we receive the payment, but usually much faster.

Can I resell the articles?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.

Can I use them to put together books and publish them on KDP, Kobo, Apple books, Smashwords, Publishdrive or any such similar services?

Of course, they are your articles, you can do whatever you want with them. And yes, they are safe and you won’t get your accounts banned. 

Can I use them on revenue share platforms such as Medium for some sweet 100% passive income I can then use to buy the new Tesla Model Y?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.

Can I turn them into stories and publish them on Wattpad for teenagers to read?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them.

Can I use them on any social media platform such as for Instagram captions, Youtube video descriptions or Facebook posts?

Of course, they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them. As you can see from this FAQ the possibilities for you to make money are endless as long as you use your imagination and TAKE ACTION.

Are these articles safe to use on my money site?

Yes. They passed Grammarly plagiarism check (and we include the score of every article we send you) so the articles haven’t been indexed by Google, and that means your articles won’t count as duplicate content on Google’s eyes and your site won’t get penalized.

Will the articles be relevant?

As we examine articles for the presence of your keyword(s), most articles should be relevant.Just in case, we always add at least 20% more articles to every order to make up for irrelevancy. We want you to succeed because if you make money, we make money. 

Let’s say you are looking for articles about siamese cats. I will first scrape domains that have the word cat on them and then once I have that list, I will scrape each domain for only the articles that have the word siamese on them to increase relevance, because I’m not interested in other cat breeds, just siamese. You must provide two sets of keywords like those, one for the domain and other one for the articles, for our search to work. 

Can I see a sample of an article?

Yes, click here.

Can you find articles in other languages?

Of course we can.

How to order?

Click here and pay for as many articles as you want. Be sure to leave your desired domain and keywords in the transaction notes (Additional information)! After purchasing, post your transaction ID in this thread and your order will be processed.

Please note, the proper format for keywords in your order notes is:

Domain keyword(s): dog

Article keywords: training, leash, bark training, bark collar


Of course, you can write me at seoulunlimited at gmail dot com