Learn how to make money with Data Entry – What You Need to Know about Data Entry Jobs

December 25, 2020| ruben
A lot of data entry jobs are posted in different sites and applications for job hunters. You may not believe it and may ask yourself, can you make money with data entry? Some people think that it is something technical but the truth is that anybody can do it. All it takes is a clear understanding of the job and basic skills that are naturally learned.
Sites That Pay You For Online Freelance Work

Data Entry Jobs – Where to Look for Online Data Entry Jobs

The best way to start a data entry career is through joining reliable and trusted freelancer sites such as Odesk and Elance. These are sites wherein different freelancing jobs including data entry are posted with hourly or per project basis payment.

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These websites earn through getting payments from employers. Most employers resort to hiring freelancers as it is more cost-efficient and they can set an established budget for each task that they will delegate to freelancers.

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As a freelancer, it is favorable as they will be able to work at the comfort of their own home, without incurring other expenses.

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They will also be able to negotiate their own rate and terms. There are thousands of jobs available in these sites.

Make Money Online With Data Entry Jobs Without Any Investment

Aside from these two, there are a lot of freelancing sites available that will show freelancers how to make money with data entry jobs.

Some sites even specialize on specific fields. Freelancers can choose to sign up in more than one website.

Looking for a Data Entry Job: What You Need to Know

Data Entry Jobs – Skills You require to Be Successful

People who want to make a data entry career should have above average typing skills. It means that aside from the speed of typing, it should be accurate.

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Although most employers look for freelancers who already have data entry experiences, there are also a considerable number of employers who are willing to give newbies a chance.

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There are some employers who do not care at all. These are the employers who conduct some sort of a typing test before accepting an application and hiring the most qualified applicant.

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The only other requirement that data entry workers have is a stable and speedy internet connection. This will ensure that they will be able to input information quickly in case that they will be using an online application for the job.

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It is also required for reliable, prompt submission as these jobs are usually done against a tight deadline. Most employers hire freelancers when their regular employees cannot meet the deadline by themselves. This is one way to make money with data entry jobs from home.

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Data Entry Jobs – What Data Entry Positions are available in the Market?

Some data entry jobs require a bit of knowledge in specific fields of business or interest.  Some data entry jobs are simply conventional clerical jobs.

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However, there are some data entry jobs that are just like an office assistant’s wherein the freelancer will be asked to perform a wide variety of tasks, and encode, handle, and organize different files.

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Sometimes, freelancers need to help with data entry job for company research wherein they need to organize information, classify data, and generate different types of reports. These are mostly about responses that the company got from surveys.

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There are also data entry jobs where getting specific pieces of information about a business contact is needed. This may involve the contact details of a company’s prospective business contact. These information compilations are actually sold once completed.

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Data Entry Jobs – Look out For Scammers

As the rise of demand for data entry workers continues, a lot of people want to take advantage of this by luring people to their websites through promises of earning a lot compared to having regular jobs by finding a data entry job.

Latest scams

These sites usually feature offers that are too good to be true for a small amount of money as capital. The only problem is that there are still some freelancers who fall into these traps, paying with their hard-earned money in hope of easy and convenient way to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

How to Spot and Avoid Online Job Scams

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how freelancers can identify whether a website which teaches freelancers how to make money online with data entry is legit or not.

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  • Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau or BBB has a comprehensive list of scam websites and offers.
  • Before applying for a job or investing money, be sure to check their list to avoid wasting time and possibly, money, over an illegitimate data entry money making scheme.
  • Ask around. There are a lot of websites, blogs, and online community forums that freelancers can check and read to know more about different data entry websites.
  • Aside from the tips about the actual job, freelancers can also get to know websites that pay promptly and generously.
  • Likewise, freelancers will be able to know whether it is easy to get hired or if the competition is just too stiff.
  • Guarantee. Most data entry websites ask for a considerable amount of money as capital. This is why freelancers should be very careful in choosing the website where they will be active in or even investing money in.
  • The best signs that will tell freelancers that a website is legit are if the website offers a money-back guarantee or if it offers a free trial period when freelancers can try and identify the effectiveness of the website or the software that they have to purchase before they actually pay for it.
  • Freelancers should be sure to read the contract thoroughly so that they are sure to understand what they are signing and what they are paying for.

 Data Entry Jobs – Reliable Methods of Payment

The universal payment method for online transactions is Paypal. Freelancers who plan to work on data entry jobs and any other online job for that matter should get a Paypal account.

Ejecutar código cuando el usuario hace una compra en Paypal. Programación  en Castellano.

Having a PayPal account will keep the freelancer’s private information protected. Also, it is great for prompt payment as fees are received real time.

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They can also dispute any irregularity or unfair payment if it was processed via Paypal. All freelancers need to give their employers is their Paypal email.

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They can choose to shop online using their Paypal funds or have it withdrawn to their bank account if their Paypal is verified with a credit card.

PayPal error: Your bank can't verify your credit card at this time –  Documentation - Yet Another Mail Merge Support

Establishing a payment method is the next thing to do as a freelancer learn how to make money with data entry.

Payment Methods - Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill, Stripe

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