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December 25, 2020| ruben

If you are still new in the world of internet marketing and you want to become successful in your endeavor and start to make money online for beginners, then there are a lot of ways and ideas to make money.

Market Samurai Review - How to Increase Your Traffic

When it comes to your goals to make money online now, it is important to understand that using the right keywords is your best option. In fact, the success of your website depends on the type and relevance of the keywords that you use.

Why Keyword Research Is Useful for SEO & How to Rank

If you want to make your site successful, it is important that you learn the golden rules in internet marketing and these include finding the right keyword to promote your site, target your keywords in your market to attract clients to your site and discover how you can beat the competition so that you can get a high page ranking in search engines.

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Following these rules can be difficult especially if you are not equipped with the knowledge and tools. This is the reason why it is so crucial to use tools such as the Market Samurai especially if you want to learn to make money online.

Large Scale Study: How Data From Popular Keyword Research Tools Compare

Internet marketing is now becoming more and more popular as a very lucrative source of income for a lot of individuals nowadays along with the continuous rise of the internet’s popularity and influence.

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So how can you make yourself flourish in this field along with the great number of people who has already been successful in it? Read on to find a review of one of the best internet marketing tools – Market Samurai.

Highly Recommended Free Marketing Tools | Internet marketing tools, Free internet  marketing, Marketing tools

Market Samurai is definitely one of the most popular and most effective marketing tools in the community of internet marketing. This particular multi-purpose internet marketing tool often prompts a lot of people to start many projects.

Internet Marketing Tool | List of Best and Free SEO Tools

In spite of being constantly in beta stage, the software which is created on Adobe AIR is fairly reliable and is frequently updated with the use of an auto-update feature. Being built on Adobe AIR also makes the tool available on every computer platforms such as Mac, Linux and PC.

Adobe Air 1.1, ahora con soporte para español

To start off our thorough review, listed below are the current features of Market Samurai.

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. Keyword Search
  3. SEO Competition
  4. Domains
  5. Monetization
  6. Find Content
  7. Publish Content
  8. Promotion

In addition to the said eight modules, a module for AdWords is expected to come soon. Now, let us discuss these particular modules one by one.

Rank Tracker: La mejor herramienta para encontrar palabras clave y aumentar  el posicionamiento en los motores de búsqueda.

 Rank Checker

The Rank Checker module is used for you to keep track of your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Basically, you can also keep track of unlimited numbers of keywords for up to the top one thousand results per SERP and also an unlimited number of domains.

Rank Tracker - Quick & Easy Search Engine Ranking Checker Tool!

It is able to track the position in PageRank, backlinks, and SERPs (broad match and also phrase match keywords). The data for every URL, keyword and domain is presented and displayed in a table while the historical data is presented in charts.

We Analyzed 11.8 Million Google Search Results. Here's What We Learned  About SEO

This is one of the most used features of Market Samurai. A specific limitation about this feature however is the fact that though it works so well and is simple to navigate with a few number of keywords, it could somehow get pretty slow and burdensome as the number of keywords you track increases.

Análisis competitivo de Keywords con Market Samurai

Furthermore, it would help if there is a multi-project management in a single place so that users won’t have to separately open every single project when updating data since it could become a pretty much tedious job especially when you have a lot of projects. But other than these minor constraints, this feature does very well in performing its job.

 Keyword Research

The Keyword Research module is the main module of Market Samurai and this is practically where the tool started. Its performance is basically what you would anticipate from a keyword tool.

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It does not really perform any other special function and is pretty much like other popular tools, like Keyword Elite. This feature allows you to key in the seed keywords and then get a list of Google keywords which you can analyze further.

The Keyword Research feature gives you a great deal of valuable information regarding keywords, such as estimated AdWords traffic and CPC, estimated SEO traffic, SEO and PPC competition, SEO and AdWords value, and commercial viability. It also allows you to filter the keywords according to all these data. It is also fairly easy to choose an individual keyword and then use it as a seed in another tab.

 SEO Competition

Market Samurai Review (2018) - Features explained + 33% discount

Market Samurai’s SEO Competition module is an extension to the keyword analysis for SEO. It is considered to be one of the advantages and greatest features of Market Samurai with the depth of analysis that this feature provides.

With this feature, you can obtain the breakdown of Google’s first page of results for the specific keyword you want to analyze along with other competitive and valuable data including domain age, keyword metrics, PageRank, cache info and various types of backlinks.

Colors are designated for each data value to specify the competitiveness of the results. The colors range from green to red, green being the easiest and red the hardest.

Ahrefs' SEO Metrics: What They Mean and How to Use Them

For a much thorough analysis, you can also examine the PageRank and the anchor text of the backlinks of every specific result.

What Is Anchor Text? Everything You Need to Know (No Jargon!)

You don’t also just obtain the number of high PR backlinks but aside from that, you will also get to know the specific sources of those backlinks and the anchor text that they have.

The distribution of anchor text is displayed as well. This allows you to get hold of the exact backlinks blueprint of your competitors, which you can analyze in order for you to attain similar or better results than they do.

What is Anchor Text? | Volusion Ecommerce SEO


The Domains module is one of the recently added features of Market Samurai. This feature allows you to easily find new, dropped, and expiring domain names.

Dropped Domains: Here's How To Snatch The Perfect Expired Domain Now. at  WhoIsHostingThis.com

In order to be able to find aged domains, you must first have a DomainFace account.


The Monetization feature of Market Samurai gives you the opportunity to quickly search for affiliate programs from various affiliate networks such as Amazon, Commission Junction, PayDotCom and Clickbank.

Business: Where can I find affiliate marketers for my products? - Quora

It significantly lets you filter various offers according to commission, categories, language and keyword.

 Find Content

Market Samurai’s Find Content feature lets you find content in some of the largest article directories, YouTube, news sites, Flickr, and blogs.

How to Find Content for Your Blog or Podcast

For every page that is found, you are given information on the number of copies that have been published already on the web, keyword density, date published, and the PR and backlinks to the page.

What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2021

For directories such as EzineArticles, this feature even extracts the article in a state which is ready to publish. The Find Content feature is indeed a very useful tool in finding content for your website.

 Publish Content

The Publish Content feature is a publishing tool which has WordPress and WordPress integration.

Saving and Publishing your WordPress content - Easy WP Guide

With this feature, you can add your WP Direct accounts ad WordPress blogs and then you can manage or publish the content which you have found.


The Promotion module of Market Samurai permits you to search for backlink opportunities in sources such as Web 2.0 properties, forums and blogs.

The Marketing Mix - Marketing Promotion - YouTube

For each results page for your keywords, this feature displays the data for PR, backlinks, if those links are nofollow or not, and also if they utilize pingbacks.

Pingbacks y Trackbacks en WordPress, ¿qué son? - Webempresa

 After describing each module, let us now look at some of the strengths and the weaknesses of Market Samurai.

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 Strengths of Market Samurai

One of the greatest strengths of Market Samurai is its features about SEO research. It is mostly the focus of the entire tool and its capability to present a comprehensive and thorough competition data is truly very valuable for the assessment of SEO.

Defining SEO and its best practices | Status Labs

Another great thing about Market Samurai is that despite the great features that it already has, it is also constantly improved. It was once just a keyword research tool.

SEO Made Easy—The Ultimate Guide to Explode Your Traffic In 2020

But now, you can see that it has already gone far beyond just that. It is also important to take note that all the updates significantly come free.

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Thus, you only have to pay once for the product, and that is when you purchase it.

 Weaknesses of Market Samurai

Despite the mentioned strengths of Market Samurai, there are also still some stuffs which may need some improvements.

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A specific example to this is that the software tends to considerably get slow whenever large amounts of data are involved, especially on slower personal computers. Thus, the speed is definitely something which must somehow be developed.

Select large amounts of data in Excel - YouTube

Another thing is that Market Samurai might do much better if its project organization is enhanced. Every project that you make is a file which you must be opened every time from your hard drive.

How to do keyword research with Market Samurai

The recent projects list helps in minimizing this problem however, the capacity tends to run out pretty quickly.

How to do keyword research with Market Samurai

Not being able to work with more than a single project at a time sometimes makes working with a lot of projects more difficult.

30DC Day 02 - Intro To Market Samurai - YouTube

A multi-project organization, most specifically on the rank tracker, will definitely involve the whole system a lot.

Advantages for your multi-project management using in-STEP BLUE

 Just like any other software, Market Samurai also has its advantages and disadvantages. But as you can see, the strengths of Market Samurai and the great advantages that it could offer significantly weighs a lot more than the weaknesses that come with it.

Download Market Samurai Cracked - Works Well on Windows7

Market Samurai is definitely a great tool that will assist you with your tasks and make them a lot easier to do.

It is also very important to remember that though Market Samurai is there to support you in your job and give you greater chances at achieving success, the fullness of your achievement will also depend on a lot of other factors such as your dedication and commitment.

Market Samurai Free Download - video dailymotion

This tool won’t probably do as much if it is not paired with the other investments you have to make – your time, discipline, and efforts.

Having these things and making use of this great tool altogether will definitely bring you to greater heights in your endeavor to succeed in internet marketing.

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