Our names are Bruno & Jordan and we are the Affiliate Managers for Content Fish.  We are looking for influencers/bloggers to see if there is any interest in you working with us via any means.
The criteria that we are looking for is an engaged audience who has an interest or a need for unique content for their blogs or websites.
About Content Fish:
Content Fish® specializes in the development of apps and tools for bloggers. With the Article Scraper from Content Fish® , you are able to scrape thousands of expired articles from the way back machine using the latest scraping technology on your smartphone or desktop in real-time. You can see the current status of your scrapes in the Content Fish® user dashboard, which is available for Windows and Android. Thanks to the integrated auto-formatting (in HTML), Formatractive® the scraped articles conserve the original formating and editing they had originally (comas, bullet points, line breaks, headings, etc).Simply imput your keywords and have peace of mind. Content Fish® works with more than 1,196,298,727 websites worldwide.
Please kindly email us and let us know if you’re interested in working with us!
Best Wishes
Bruno Maiorana & Jordan Miller
Affiliate Managers
Content Fish